Monday, June 29, 2015

Mid-year Update

As the mid-point of the year approaches it is time for an update on what the Sisterhood has been working on.  Since posting all of the finishes in April, there are some new beginnings to share.  But first, a masterpiece of a cake from Deb for sewing yesterday.  It tasted as good as it looks!

Merri has started on Di's Sutton Grange.  Her centre is finished and looks lovely.

Ann has been inspired by the book, Chintz Quilts from the Poos Collection (Kay and Lori Lee Triplett and Xenia Cord) and commenced this hexagon quilt.  


Deb is in the final stages of completing Sue Spargo's Imperial Blooms.  Just the borders to finish and attach.

I have completed the centre of Di's Pendle Hill.  I am well on the way to completing the 56 pentagon flowers for the next border so hope to have more to show next time.

And finally from Di, a sneak peak of a new quilt that uses the Palempore from Mary Koval.  The centre medallion is complete and Di was sharing ideas with us for the next border.  The second version was a unanimous choice.

Until next time,


Monday, April 6, 2015

Suddenly... Thursday sewing there were finished quilts and quilt tops to show.

First up, Ann's version of Di's mystery quilt for Quiltmania, Mount Mellick. Ann loves strong and vibrant colour and the cheddars in this version make it sing.


Next, Clare's as yet to be named quilt all finished and beautifully quilted by Katrina Wilson.  

Then out came Merri's version of Ann's Legacy from Di's book, Primarily Quilts.  Also quilted by Katrina, just look at some of the detail in the quilting!

And my version of Feathers and Flowers, from Fons and Porters, Quilts from the Henry Ford.  Helen Hayes quilted this one and the feathers she has done so complement the design of the quilt. These are best seen from the back (which I pieced from the leftovers from the top).

Now just the binding to go, all 360 inches of it!

Until next time,


Tuesday, March 24, 2015


...there is not a lot to show even when we have been sewing up a storm.  Over the past few weeks there has been lots of english paper piecing...
Blocks for the final border of Mount Mellick by Ann or are they  Clare's?
The beginnings of a bag by Barb
...hand piecing...
Blocks for the final border of Mrs Williams from Kerry
 ... and needleturn applique.
A second Mount Mellick by Di using different fabrics
A yet to be named quilt from me that uses a beautiful piece of fabric gifted to  me by Petra Prins
The beginnings of Pendle Hill, also by me 
 And finally a finish - a cot quilt for Baby Hanna.  this was needle turn appliqué and broderie perse with machine pieced variable stars.
The finished quilt
And a close up of the centre.

Until next time.......


Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 2015...already?

After a busy holiday season the sisters are back sewing.  In January we have had sewing days at Di's and Clare's.  As you can see, it was heads down and fingers busy with lots of paper piecing of hexagons and stars.

Deb brought along the completed centre of her newest project, a reproduction of a quilt from a photo in an old QNL by Jenni Cleland.  She was working on the first border both days but not a lot to see just yet.

Di has completed the centre of a new quilt and was busy paper piecing for the next border.  This is absolutely stunning and the broderie perse, ooh la la!

Kerry looks to be in a finishing mode, Mrs Williams was out and the next row of blocks being pieced.  She is almost there.

I have started a new quilt.  A finished appliqué and broderie perse centre for a cot quilt I have been asked to make for a special friend of the family.  I intend to complete this with rows of variable stars set on point.

And while we were sewing, look who visited!  A beautiful King parrot looking for a feed...

Until next time,


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bits and Pieces

It has been a busy month since the last post from the Sisters so the following is a sampling of what we have all been up to over this time.

First up, Houston.  Di, along with Michelle Yeo and Carolyn Konig, were the featured quilters in an exhibition of Australian quilters and their work.  The enthusiasm from all who came and viewed the quilts was overwhelming.
Di and her quilts at Houston
 As well as being exhibitors, Di and Michelle conducted an open studio where they demonstrated different methods of doing broderie press.
Di demonstrating needleturn broderie perse
There was time to meet up with friends.  Petra and Nel from the Netherlands with their Dutch Heritage fabrics.  They were virtually sold out by the end of day one!
Nel and Petra on their stand at Houston
And with Mary and Joe Koval.   Here they are with a strike-off of the Palampore that Mary has designed for Windham Fabrics and the marketing pamphlet for the associated fabrics.  All will be available in April 2015.  They are stunning!
Joe and Mary Koval
 Back home, and there have been two sewing days since our return. First up was Thursday at Sue's and look at what was waiting on the table for us when we arrived.  Beautiful red roses from her garden and a luscious cake.

Ann was working on a new quilt, Luscious Berry Baskets by Sharon Keightley (a New Zealand designer).  Just love the background which is a toile from an early fabric collection by Kaye England

 Clare was working on a block for her Margaret Sampson George - Going Green - quilt and was very happy when it turned out perfectly and sat flat.

 And remember that broderie perse block that Di was using for demonstration purposes at Houston, well here it is almost finished.

Next was Saturday sewing at my home.  Barbara brought along a finished giant nine patch quilt that she has made for a family member.  It was made from fabrics raided from a few of the Sister's stashes and looks much better than this very poor photo indicates.

Heading to Houston I wanted a portable hand piecing project so started this double wedding ring using mostly Petra and Nel's Dutch Heritage fabrics.  There was very little sewing done while away but on the Saturday I managed to complete 2 melons.  I think this quilt is going to take a long time to make.

And finally, yesterday I picked this up from long arm quilter,  Loreen Horsnell.  The quilt top was finished late last year and was part of the Sister's challenge for 2013.  Loreen has used a combination of feathers and in-the-ditch quilting and it looks lovely.The pattern is from Betsy Chutchian and Carol Staehle's book, History Repeated and uses the Carpenter's Wheel block.
Until next time,