Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A long time between visits...........

It has been some time since my last foray into blogland but have been stitching away like mad to get some UFO's finished for, you guessed it, Quilts in the Barn( QIB). The raffle quilt for QIB
has gone to Helen Hayes for quilting so will be wonderful I am sure. ( see Di's previous entry)

Last Thursday we car-pooled for the foggy journey to Sue's at Daylesford. Sue, as usual did not disappoint with her wonderful parsnip, celery & fennel soup and wonderful honey, date & ginger cake. I think we kept her so busy feeding us she did not sew a stitch! I made the soup this week and it was a big hit with the family, thanks Sue.

All of us sisters have been diligently sewing - Julie is surging ahead with her broderie perse blocks for the Burnt quilt, as am I. Barb has wrestled with, and got control of, that central border of triangles and is on her way. She had her beautiful version of Wedding Sampler to show us and it is ready for quilting now. Another one for Helen I think.

Di unveiled a new addition to the Burnt Quilt pattern for those who can't find a central panel or just love applique. We have all come to expect Di's applique to be beautiful and this one did not disappoint. I will leave it to her to share more later.

Clare was stitching bindings on three of her wonderful quilts (Jane Austen, Avignon & ????), having just returned from Katrina Wilson who did a wonderful job ( as usual ) quilting all three. She is a great quilter who has a real talent for it! Clare was suffering a little from sore hands - I think we all know that feeling after sewing the binding on large, heavy quilts. Surely this is not age????? Is it? Katrina also has my wedding rings so her quilting machine must be busy.

Ann was knitting her lucky grandson a lovely blue scarf and was on a deadline so she "click-clacked" all the way there and back. Kerry was working on a UFO - was it Flower Baskets or Mary Brown? Chris has just had eye surgery but was with as again and sewing but not sure what it was.

I have just put all my Burnt quilt pieces on the floor to check colour, placement, balance etc. I have a few snaps to show you but still haven't go a camera of great quality but you will get the idea. I have about six broderie perse/applique blocks to complete and still the half lozenges around the half star border. Nearly there though.
Good sewing everyone


  1. Merri it looks wonderful. So sad I wasn't at Sue's and will miss you at Julie's too. I think I need to retire.

  2. It's stunning, I love it a lot. That's a ton of piecing and you're going so well with it.

  3.'s just so beautiful.
    So much work, your doing really well with it..
    Julia ♥

  4. Merri, your quilt is stunning! I love everything about it.

  5. just beautiful and LUCKY me I own that panel in the center, does this mean I have to make this quilt too!
    so glad your all working hard to finish a few more quilts for the Quilts in the Barn exhibit.
    I am so looking forward to it

  6. Just so gorgeous. You girls must have lots of fun :-)

  7. Wow that is a project. It must have been so much fin going through your stash and picking fabrics.

  8. I really like the outer row of stars.

  9. What a beautiful quilt, with a very familiar Dutch center part !

  10. Your quilt is fabulous! Are you needle turning the edges of the broderie perse or buttonholing?
    I've seen both but have only done needle turned broderie perse.

  11. That is so inspiring ! - thanks for sharing all your lovely quilts - you are one of my favourite blog sites :)

  12. this quilt looks beautiful..........

  13. I think I'll have to move across the ocean...Your quilts are simply stunning!