Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Another year over, a new one just begun"

Well not quite - after all we are now almost at the end of January!

Before logging on to write this post I was trying to think why it has been so long since the Sisters updated their blog. Apart from Deb, I think we are all in quilt hibernation following the huge effort put in by all to get quilts completed for Quilts in the Barn.

There has of course been some activity, so here are a couple of photos,. The first is of Ann working on a wedding quilt for her daughter. At last count I think Ann said she had 90 days to finish the quilt before the big day.

Barb has started the Burnt Quilt. This is one of the inner borders, which are now all completed and attached. Sorry there is not a more recent photo to show you, rest assured it is beautiful and Barb's hand sewing is perfection (as always).

Me, I have pulled another UFO/WIP from the cupboard. This one, 19th Century Flower Baskets, is another of Di's beautiful patterns. I started it at a class with Di in 2005 when Primarily Patchwork was still open. It became what I call my 'travel' quilt.

Why? At the time of starting the quilt, I was travelling a lot with work and it involved a lot of long haul flights. Because of the size and shape of the applique pieces I would prep a block before a flight and take it with me, sewing mainly while in the air. Work was always demanding so I don't recall getting much sewing time once on the ground.

I have now finished the four centre blocks. The background is a lovely old gold toile that I purchased in the USA during one of my trips.

I have also finished one of the inner prairie point borders and prepped 3 more. Still lots of sewing to go but I am enjoying it.

Until next time,



  1. Glad to see you back! All the projects are lovely, and inspire me to get to work!

  2. All the projects look appealing. Particularly the last. I have the pattern for it; I even have the fabric all put to one side. Problem is the perennial lack of time. One of these days...but it is nice to see yours.

  3. Everythings so pretty, you are very talented and creative... Beautiful projects!!!

  4. Always so inspirational to see what you ladies are working on!

  5. Love the works in progress you have shared Meghan, I was clicking the photos in vain to see close-ups... :O( the gold toile background on your Flower Baskets looks scrummy.

  6. Help please..
    I found a picture of a quilt with a nice block pattern in internet. Unfortunately, there was no title to or a label. Maybe there is somebody in blogland can help me? I would intressted the name and perhaps the history of the pattern.
    It was a wonderful two-color quilt in blue and white. I made a sketchy picture and put in my blog.
    I would be happy to answer a helping.
    greets from Berlin/Germany
    Kat :)

  7. I love the 19th century flower basket quilt and wondered if you could point me in the direction of obtaining that pattern as I would love to make it.

  8. Good job! You'll have to see my quilted ball ornament I made! God bless You! Love, Laura