Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New friends

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure to meet some new quilting friends. Di Hall, formerly Di Ford, invited me to join her and her new husband Brian, as they took some international visitors for a trip to the Dandenong Ranges. I had the most delightful day with Di and Brian, Beverley, Linda Collins from "Quilts in the Barn", Petra and Nel from Den Haan & Wagenmakers in Amsterdam, Nederlands and Mary and Joe Koval from Pennsylvania, USA.
Morning Tea and shopping in Sassafras, followed by lunch, and presumably more shopping in Olinda. ( I had to leave early, so I'm not sure how much more damage was done to the credit cards after I left!!)
Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, so I'm afraid no photos from me, but lots and lots of photos were taken, and I'm sure they will appear somewhere very soon.
I can hardly wait for the rest of this very "Special Secret Sewing Sisterhood" week, that would be a SSSS week: A Night with Mary @ Linda's home tonight, a SSS day at Di's home on Thursday, followed by a much anticipated day @ Castlemaine on Sunday. (The housework will just have to wait!!!)


  1. Hope you had a great day in my part of the world. Shame you didn't get to any of the patchwork shops that we have here.

  2. Sounds like a positively wonderful time!!

  3. How wonderful you met Petra and Nel. I work in their shop and have met some of you in Amsterdam.