Sunday, July 24, 2011

Normal service resumed.

For the past two months, our regular Saturday sewing has been put on the back burner as more important things, such as a wedding, have taken place. (We were all so taken by surprise in June when Di and Brian turned a 60th birthday into a wedding that none of us had a camera at the ready to take photos.) It was a lovely day made even better by seeing how happy Di and Brian are.

Come July, it was almost with a little sense of, I am not sure, let down perhaps???? that we gathered at Sue's. I was going to say disappointment but that is very much the wrong word, as we all love our sewing days. Anyway, here is a small tasting of some of the current projects being worked on.

Julie has started a quilt called Queen's Day on Marken. She purchased the fabric as a kit from Den Haan and Wagenmakers in Amsterdam. The quilt was designed by Elsbeth Wallenberg. There is lots of piecing and thirty-two of these windmill blocks to be made it total.

Merri has started something new, a reproduction of a quilt from the Beamish Collection (from the museum of the same name in northern England). She has created the pattern for the centre applique medallion but not beyond as yet. I just love her fabric choices.

Di is madly trying to finish a reworked Antique Wedding Sampler. This pattern will be relaunched at the Craft and Quilt Fair in Melbourne next week. It will be available as a block of the month project from Corliss on the Threadbear Stand.

I have completed the centre of my new quilt, added a small border and the first row of pinwheel blocks. I am sewing these blocks on the machine and must admit to being a bit tardy. I have almost half of the required number done.

That's about it for this month,
Until next time,



  1. They are all lovely, a very talented group of ladies.

  2. Oh my I just love everything in this post. I think I will go dig through my stash to find some of those pinks and taupes for my next applique.

  3. Im glad to see you have all been busy and I love everything that you have showed. Congratulations Di!!!

  4. I Love this blog. You girls are so productive, so creative and so inspirational!! I have most of Di's patterns including the Antique Wedding Sampler and I am itching to start it now - I may have to select new fabric. Is Di going to produce a pattern for the Baltimore? I have the pattern for the original 4 blocks but never did anything with them as I like larger quilts and could not decide what to do with them. Please let me know

  5. Hi Debbie, please send me an email address to contact you by about Di's Baltimore pattern. Meghan

  6. Meghan, Thanks for contacting me. My email is Would love to hear from you

  7. I am so pleased I came across this blog (via a dutch blog!. Cogatulations Di on your recent marriage from an "old" student from the Primarily Patchwork days.
    Lovely blog.