Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Home- style Stitching

On a very nice August morning, eight sisters met at my place for the "1st Thursday of the month sewing session". Deb was absent because of work committments...we missed you!
 There was the usual chatting re families, world problem solving, the latest Show-case news etc.......
But the hot topic was Europe,.........why??.....because three of the sisters will be tripping around o'seas, in the next few weeks, mainly in this continent sight-seeing, fabric shopping, tasting all the local foods/wines, visiting museums (including quilt museums), quilt shops, galleries, quilt shows.......you get the picture!!!!
At some time, I think there may be plans to meet up in France.........Oh!! do I wish I was going!!!
O.K!...now, I am going to change the subject to one we all enjoy.............stitching!!
Now, what was everyone up to???.............................

Meghan, Ann, Merri, and myself are working on either the original or newer versions of the "Antique Wedding Sampler"
As you can see by the photos...........everyone's quilt is going to be very different, even though the same patterns are being used. I think that is the really great thing about patchwork and applique and piecing. One person's pattern (Di Hall's) can reproduce an infinite number of versions that are all beautiful pieces of work. Barb has finished her version which is hanging in pride of place in her lounge-room.

Clare is working on the "Grove Documentation Quilt"...I believe this is star no.1 of 36!!!........just a little way to go.
 Barb is working on her "Dear Jane"
Just love those little blocks....and ,may I say that mine is nearly completed!!!!
Sue has a couple of projects on the go. Lots of interest in the growth of her Hexagon quilt seen here.

 As for Di?????????????????? she has been busy teaching, packing for the o'seas jaunt and ,of course working on "that book"......which is going to include some really nice new pieces.
 O.K!!!.....just another little look:
Yumm!! Yumm!! Aren't those colours just gorgeous???
That's it for now.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Lots of eye candy at your meeting. So many beautiful, intricate patterns.

  2. All lovely as usual.,

    Any chance some of your sisters are coming to the Festival of Quilts in the UK?

    1. Hi Sue, unfortunately not. Instead we will be meeting at St Marie-Aux-Mines for European Patchwork 2012. Enjoy Birmingham.


  3. Thanks for sharing, lovely to see what you are all doing.

  4. Very nice to see what you are all stitching. Such
    lovely, lovely work.

  5. What a beautiful things you are making! I wonder if the trip will go to Holland too?

  6. bellissimi i vostri lavori e i vostri incontri!!!!

  7. What stunning work!

    Is it possible to buy the pattern for the Antique Wedding Sampler quilt in the UK? I'd love to make that my next project.

  8. Thanks so much for your photo's! Love the colours on the last two projects, or is it the same? Bet we will walk straight past eachother in St Marie aux Mines hihihi, you have a great time too!! Hugs, Daniëlle