Sunday, December 2, 2012

Time flies when you are having fun!!

When I turned the calendar over yesterday and saw December 1st staring at me I was rather taken aback.  Where has the year gone?  Mine has been super busy - lots of fun times with my wonderful sewing sisters; a great holiday in France and North America with a dear friend of over 35 years (who proudly boasts about not being able to thread a needle!) and in between there has been work (to pay for the stash retirement fund), plus theatre visits and concerts, time with family (very important) and every thing else that fills our days.  So please forgive me my tardiness and the slightly late writing of this post.

It is just over 2 weeks since the sisters gathered at my home for our regular Saturday of sewing.  Di was an absentee as she was teaching a class in Kilmore. While a very tired Deb was a late arrival after getting up early to catch a flight back to Melbourne from Adelaide - how is that for dedication, you can't miss sewing.

Here is a little sample of what was being worked on.

From Deb, a block from Corliss's latest pattern, The Caswell Quilts.  You can find the pattern at Threadbear.

Merri has dug into her PHDs and recommenced work on an earlier Corliss pattern - Civil War Bride.

While Barb was very industrious, finishing 2 blocks for her Dear Jane.

And me, I was able to show a finished top, well almost finished, just the outer border to attach.  It is my version of Di's Antique Wedding Sampler.  Not the best photo but you get the idea.
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  1. Your wedding sampler quilt looks beautiful Meghan. The other projects look great too. I just read on Debs blog about Di's ankle, I hope it's not causing you too much discomfort.

  2. What a beautiful version of Di's wedding sampler. I also love the applique blocks !

  3. always enjoy seeing the projects you all are working on
    OMG I Love this version of the wedding sampler quilt.
    just beautiful, you now have me wanting to make this quilt too!

  4. I am always in awe of the quilts your group are creating. Such talent!

  5. It's always exciting when you share the happenings of the Sisterhood. You are some very special sisters!

  6. Your antique wedding sampler is so incredible!! Would love to see this one in person.

  7. I hope Di's ankle is healing well! Better to break it now (if that was necessary at all) then in a couple of months, when Di 'has' to come to France!

  8. Beautiful wedding sampler!! and the other work is lovely too, as usual. Thanks for posting at such a busy time.
    Every Stitch

  9. I love seeing the Sister's work! Meghan, is the Wedding Sampler the pattern that Di has done a new version of and is this the original? It is lovely, what a proud finish!

    1. Hi Nyla, thank you for the lovely comment. My version of the Wedding Sampler is Di's updated pattern - 'Antique Wedding Sampler Revisited.

  10. What a great applique blocks, love them !

  11. What a stunning Wedding Sampler quilt!