Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A special Sisterhood Day at Hepburn

 Last Saturday was Secret Sewing Day at Sue's gorgeous Victorian cottage in Hepburn.What a special place to reveal....... THE BOOK !!!
I managed to procure a copy on Friday afternoon.
I surprised the girls on arrival at Sue's.......no-one could believe I had kept it a secret on the hour and a half drive to Hepburn ! Unfortunately Ann was unable to join us but here's the crew celebrating!Fromleft to right..Deb, Meghan,
Kerry, Di, the book!,Sue,Barb,Merri and Clare.It was very special celebrating with the best group of friends in the whole world !
 Meghan has been so busy putting her Mrs. Miller's Journey, a design by Liz Willing,
together. It looks stunning. Just a little applique to finish over the joined seams then ready for quilting.Beautifully done Meghan.
 I'm madly working on some samples for a fussy cut applique class I'm teaching in Nantes in April....... so I really need to get a wriggle on !
To all our readers outside Australia ,it has been the hottest Summer ever not great for sewing with sticky fingers from all the perspiration....put that together with hot flushes and it's not a pretty situation !! I'll show some close ups in a future blog.
 And now just a little sneak preview of the inside front cover of the book..
        "PRIMARILY QUILTS......
          19th Century Inspirations "
Carol Veillon and all her team at Quiltmania have done the most amazing work putting everything together.THANK YOU!
The styling is just beautiful and I can't quite believe it has all happened !!
I will firstly apologise to the Sisters for this totally unrelated to the Sisterhood photo.
But they know I'm animal crazy!
This is our boy "Fletch" putting on his sad face because he had to wait for me to finish sewing before we could go for our walk !

Phew!..... this is my first post in well over 12 months so wasn't sure that I could remember what to do but once I started it all came back. Happy stitching to all.


  1. Thanks for the sneak preview of what we might be making at Nantes.
    I am booked and very much looking forward to your class and buying your book.

  2. Enjoying the sneak preview and can't wait to receive my own copy which is preordered.

  3. Thanks for the sneak peek Di. My copy is preordered and I can't wait to meet you in April at Threadbear for the appliqué day.

  4. Such a beautiful book, it will be one I always treasure. Congratulations Di!

  5. Congratulations on such a beautiful book. Hope we have it soon in the quiltshop in Amsterdam.

  6. Congratulations Di! I am very excited for you and can't wait to get my signed copy. Meghan, your quilt looks magnificent, and Fletch is a beautiful boy even with his sad face xxx

  7. Congratulations!!!!
    I see you in Nantes!!!!..;0)

  8. Congratulations Di,with Your book .I think ( and know ) that it will be awesome.
    Hope to see You in Veldhoven,by that time I have finished my Burnt quilt.

  9. These posts always inspire me - absolutely incredible!!

  10. Congratulations Di and I can't wait for my copy of the book to arrive - I just love your work. Take care.

  11. Congrats! I have always admired her and work and can't wait till this book arrives in my mail box, wonder how long I will have to wait here in the USA???
    so exciting for you and I know for the whole group!

  12. I live in New York and would like to purchase Di's book. It appears that it is $40 to mail from Australia. Do you know if and when the book will be released in the States?

    1. Hi Susan,
      Have just heard Homestead Hearth in Mexico Missouri are stocking it.
      The book weighs over 1 kilo (2lb )so , unfortunately, this is reflected in the postage cost.
      Happy stitching from the Secret Sewing Sisters.

  13. For the first time this year I won't be at the quilt show but have already ordered my copy ;-) Can't wait for the book to arrive...

  14. I recently received my copy from Homestead Hearth and I wanted to tell someone that this is the most beautiful book of quilts that I've ever seen. I could happily spend the rest of my life just making the quilts from this book. They are achingly beautiful.

  15. Totally unrelated to quilting comment.
    Fletch is exquisite

  16. Just wanted to tell you Di what a wonderful tribute to your beautiful work. Am loving your book,just pour over it each day at coffee time :). Means even more after meeting you and attending some of your classes. You are equally as beautiful as your book. Well done and congrats.xx

  17. Di, we met in Veldhoven last week. I'm the grey woman with the maine coones (from Belgium). I'm still thinking with much warmth of our meeting/talking. You're such a beautiful person. I was lucky meeting you and your wonderful quilts. Of course I bought your book, which you signed. A few minutes later there was no book left. You'll have to come back to Europe. Please visit Belgium then :) Give my regards to your kind friend Linda also please. Big hug from a Belgian fan :)