Sunday, May 26, 2013

Autumn Gathering of The Secret Sewing Sisterhood....

It was a glorious Melbourne Autumn day when the Sisters gathered at Ann's place for a bit of stitching.....we missed you Clare, Sue and Di.
 One of Ann's live-in friends supervised the proceedings...and is not camera shy either!!! Harry is wearing the latest in doggy coats to ward off the chill that was in the air  that day.
A copy of the latest book from Quiltmania was on the table. Meghan brought this copy back from France.  AND, look at what else she came home with!Our previous blog entry gives a great description of her adventure in Nantes. Both Di and Meghan have contributed to Petra and Ann's new book. Way to go  Sisters!!! As I am doing the "show-off" thing...just look here! Yes! It's Di's "Phebe" adorning one of those great collector bags.  

So, what are we all up to?....................................Barb has been VERY busy completing this "Storm At Sea"masterpiece. The front is great.....but just look at the back! Wow!

Now, this was made to display at The University Of The 3rd. Age Show at the Box Hill Town Hall, 6th, 7th and 8th of September 2013. Karen Styles, of Somerset Quilts did the machine-quilting.
Merri has also been very busy stitching up a storm (like that one!) producing a piece of work that may seem familiar to some. This is Meghan's pattern, now christened;" Les Grandes Feuilles de Rouge" Ann is working on her "Clamshell Quilt" putting on the edging, a really gorgeous auburgine like colour. Deb is stitching her version of "The Caswell Quilt" 
Meghan is continuing on with "Mrs Miller's Journey" As for me....I am still working on "The Grove Documentation Quilt"....nearly up to the last round!
To finish up this is a snap of Ann's "Winter Stars" adorning a wall in her home, reminding us that it's going to get chillier........and therefore a great reason to ..make more quilts!!!!
Happy stitching everyone! Kerry


  1. I always enjoy coming to your blog and seeing what you ladies have been up to. Such lovely handwork you do! I get inspired every time I visit.

    I have the new book that lies on your coffee table! Just stellar!!

    Thank you for the inspiration :)

  2. it is so nice to see all the hand work y'all are doing. thanks for sharing. I love visiting :)

  3. All of these projects are "special" --- no slackers this month. Thank You for sharing.

  4. Such beautiful work - I think I could look at these quilts all day long!

  5. Busy, busy people with lots to show, love Meghan's piece of fabric, Is the red and white quilt similar or the same as the raffle quilt that the group made for QIB?

    1. Hi Lesley, the red and white quilt is from the pattern for the Quilts in the Barn raffle quilt last year. It now has a very fancy name - Les Grandes Feuilles de Rouge - inspired by my recent visit to France. Sounds much nicer than The Big Red Leaves, don't you think? Cheers, Meghan

  6. I did a search to see what the Mrs. Miller's Journey quilt design looks like. I was not familiar with it. A beautiful design.

  7. Ann's house looks like a very good place to gather for some stitching. What a beautiful long table for chatting while stitching. Thanks for the photo treat.

  8. Your quilts are just so fabulous! Amazing? Please adopt me... I'll move overseas. It's Autumn there and that's my favorite season. Please?

  9. You guys have just no idea how much I want to join your quilt group. Even if invited, I am the wrong side of the planet but I did grow up in Australia so can still 'do' the accent. I love every quilt which you all make. You have magic in your fingers.

  10. Well it makes me happy to see you guys share this wonderful passion and that you all work together and share your experience and knowledge. As I see this is a good working system, your works are great. Good luck in the future and I hope to see more of your work.

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