Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Emerging from hibernation......

As Melbourne enters the last 2 weeks (officially) of winter, I thought it about time I emerge from hibernation and write a blog post.  The third Saturday of the month has just passed so it was off to Di's for a lovely day of sewing and chat.  Everyone was most industrious!

First up is Ann who has started making 'When Stars meet Hexagons' from Petra and An's beautiful book, Promenade in a Dutch Garden.
A very tempting box of stars, anyone for lucky dip?
 Deb is up to block number 26 of Corliss's stunning Caswell Quilt.  You can seem more of Deb's recently completed blocks here.
Just beginning.....
 Clare is working on the borders for 19th Century 9 Patch, a very old pattern of Di's
So sweet.....
 While Barb has started a quilt for her granddaughter, Freya.  Can't wait to see all of these circles joined together.
Lucky Freya!
Merri is the most prolific of the group, and her show and tell consisted of two works in progress - the beginning of Esther Aliu's new BOM, Love Entwined, and...
Great fussy cutting!
 ...she has finished the centre of Di's pattern, Ann Daggs,
Ahh, the first swallows of spring!
 Kerry brought out another of her long term projects, The Wickersham Quilt from the State Museum of Pennsylvania.
Block 2d complete, and 4D underway!
And me, well now that the top for Mrs Miller is finally completed, I have started a new project.  This is block number one (of four) for the Feather with Flowers quilt from Fons & Porters book, Quilts from the Henry Ford.  This quilt is for my niece, she wanted something in purple and red, a colour scheme that is a little challenging to say the least.  I can assure you that if you were to actually see this block it would not have the 'glow in the dark' look of the photo.
Hope you enjoyed the show and tell,

Until next time,



  1. such pretty work - all of it!! I see someone else is in the LE group too - there are close to 4000 members in that yahoo group - I'm not sure though how many of us are making the Love Entwined quilt though

  2. Wow, lots of lovely projects :) Is the 19th Century 9 Patch available as a pattern?

  3. Love everything you ladies do. Please continue to share. I am so inspired by your work. Are there any applique tutorials on your blog?

  4. All your work looks so wonderful.

  5. Wonderful inspiring work as per usual.

  6. Another great post full of lots of inspiration, thanks for sharing xxx

  7. thanks for sharing your projects - inspiring as always!

  8. Wow great projects, do you have any applique tutorials? I might attempt something similar with fabrics I have left over from

  9. beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!
    I like when stars meet hexagons!!...;0)))))
    ( and all the others to...*Ü*)
    Have a nice day

  10. you're a copycat. give credit where credit is due. talking about the spooky spooky block

    1. Dear Tanya
      If you had left your email address I would reply directly and remove your comment.

      Please note that the quilt is already credited as the Feather and Flowers quilt from Fons and Porters book "Quilts from the Henry Ford"