Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Autumn Musings..........

 O.K!..............we know, it has been a while, but we have been very busy getting ready for, and being involved in CAG's first Quilt Exhibition which was a great success!......more of that later.
On a very nice Autumn Thursday the SSS gathered at Barb's place....and Merri showed off her just quilted and bound Antique Wedding Sampler...what a beauty!!! Pictures really do tell the story, good one Merri!
Notice that really gorgous combination of applique, piecing and fussy-cutting! (not my blogging "skills" as I try and manouvre things around!)

After some of this............purely medicinal, of course... Then it was heads down and needles up! ...or something like that!)... for example..... Di is working on a quilt for THE next book, Sue is continuing with hexagons, Ann has begun Di's "Mystery Quilt" found in Quiltmania, I was working on...one of the many Phd's in my collection Deb, Clare and Meghan where at that very distracting place called "work"   (we missed you)  and Barb was putting labels on bags........

Why, you may ask was Barb doing this?????.............if you joined the hundreds of quilters who flocked to Castlemaine on the 15th and 16th of this month then you know! What a grand exhibition.....so many beautiful quilts! Here are a few of the Sisters contributions: O.K! here is where my blogging skills are defunct!!!..before I really loose control.....please go to Threadbear's blog and see the show!
Di's "Rotherfield Greys",Merri's" Ode To

Mary Brown",  Deb's "Not Quite Telling The Truth" and my "Queen Daisy".
Signing off for now!...are'nt you all relieved!..............keep on stitching!


  1. Hello, could you help me locate a pattern by Di Ford called Avignon? Was it perhaps published in a magazine? Thank you. Beatrice (from France)

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