Thursday, October 2, 2014

First Thursday sewing......

...and an almost finished Sutton Grange from Di.  There is one final border to go and work on it is well underway

Merri brought along her completed Beamish Quilt (an obvious name as it is based on a quilt held in the collection at the Beamish Museum in the UK).  It has been beautifully quilted by Katrina (Katrina's Quilting).

And I am under instructions from Merri to comment on the fabric used in border 4.  This was sourced in part from Kerry 's stash and partly from mine.  We all agree it was an inspired choice and that it works well.

And Ann was busy sewing the binding down on her version of the same quilt.

The quilting was done by Helen Hayes and it is just fabulous.  

The two quilts could not be more different but both are just gorgeous.

Until next time,



  1. beautiful as always , love seeing the work from the members of the sisterhood! thanks for sharing, Di's new quilt is amazing…love the backing of Ann's quilt beautiful fabric great choice for this quilt.

  2. Three beautiful quilts. Looking forward to seeing the final border on Di's quilt.

  3. Beautiful Quilts, they show all of your advanced sewing skills in the group. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  4. I just want to go to Australia and visit with your group!

  5. What beautiful medallion quilts! I especially love the applique borders, the orange peels and the hearts (even though I don't usually like hearts, that border really appeals to me for some reason). How wonderful it must be for you to enjoy and learn from one another in your quilting group!


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