Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Big Reveal

There has been The Big Chill(1983) and The Big Short"(2015) and now it's time for The Big Reveal.   Except it is not that big and will never challenge either of the movies for box office receipts!

The background to The Big Reveal:  Early 2014, Ann set the Sisters a challenge to make a quilt based on the book, Chintz Quilts From the Poos Collection by Kay & Lori Lee Triplett and Xenia Cord, published by Quiltmania in2013.  We were given 2 years to choose a quilt, draft a pattern and get sewing.

You would expect that is plenty of time to complete the challenge, right?  Well let's just say that there are various stages of finish achieved.  The Big Reveal started with those who had begun the challenge and ended with those who had completed their quilt.

Apologies to Clare who was absent on the day of the reveal.  I know she has been working hard on her challenge, despite the being hampered by a frozen shoulder.  And to Di as I didn't take any photos on my iPad, I used Di's iPad and that is where they still are.

First up was Deb.  Deb has sourced a stunning piece of vintage fabric as the centre for her quilt - Peacock Centre Medallion on page 100 - but that is as far as it got.  We all have a serious case of fabric envy!

Next to show her completed quilt top was Merri.  This beauty can be found on page 262 and is titled Eight Petal Flower Centre Medallion with Basket Border - such literal description!  Merri has created a fabulous quilt top, raiding her (and others) stash for lots of stripes and plaids in an effort to stay as faithful to the original as she could.

My challenge quilt is also at the completed top stage.  I chose Peacock Feather and Rose bouquet Diamond in a Square on page 164 as my inspiration and spent hours/days cutting out and playing with fabric to create the broderie perse designs.

Ann presented an absolutely stunning interpretation of the Chinoiserie Centre Medallion with Hand Coloured Chintz Border from page 96.  Ann loves colour and this completed quilt just sings from its crazy Toucan centre fabric to the big blowsy broderie perse flowers to the shot cottons used in the pieced borders.  

And the final quilt of the reveal was Sue's because out of us all, only Sue hand-pieced and hand-quilted her challenge.  Like Deb, Sue chose the Peacock Centre Medallion quilt from page 100 as her challenge. The selection and placement of fabrics makes Sue's quilt looks like it stepped right out of the pages of the book.  For her centre medallion Sue has used broderie perse to create her own gorgeous peacock medallion.  The completed quilts is an absolute tour de force of hand work.

I hope you have enjoyed The Big Reveal as this will be the last post on the Secret Sewing Sisterhood blog.  After 7 years it is time to move on.

On behalf of the Sisters I would like to stay a very big thank you for all of the wonderful support and comments that have been posted over this time.  We love patchwork and quilting and will continue sewing on the first Thursday and third Saturday of the month as we have done for over a decade now.   For those that are interested in seeing what we are working on  I will post the occasional photo on Instagram at mim_leslie.

Happy stitching to you all,



  1. Have enjoyed every post you have ever all written. It's been a joy to see your work and will miss seeing you pop up in my sidebar. Their all gorgeous innovative quilts in their own way, congratulations to all at whatever stage your at with your quilts.

  2. Love them all, and Deb, your centre fabric is stunning! I'm sorry to read you won't be posting anymore and will look forward to seeing more on IG xox

  3. I love the work of the Secret Sewing Sisterhood and will miss the blog. You all are so inspiring.

  4. Wonderful interpretations - and so different! Thanks for all the inspiration over the years, you will be missed!

  5. My favorite sewing/quilting blog is ending and I am unbearably sad. Thank you for the inspiration! Seriously!

  6. I will also miss your posts as they always inspired with your ideas and colour

  7. Oh what a sad post. You Sisters really spoke to me, I love the Australian spin on all the reproduction quilts you ladies shared with us over the years. You are a talented group that had the good fortune to come together and the quilts you have produced have inspired many. Thank you.

  8. Oh no, such a shock. I will so miss you all on this blog. Your work is so beautiful, so inspiring, as can be seen in this post again. I have just become a follower of yours on IG ( I am phylliswhite there), so looking forward to some updates there in the future. Thank you all for sharing on this blog over the years, I am sure you have inspired many as you have me.

  9. I can only echo all the previous sentiments! I only found your blog a year ago or so, but I so looked forward to every gorgeous post. You will be so missed!

    Congratulations to the quiltmakers in this post, though. Each one is so beautiful! How fortunate for you to be associated with this talented group.

  10. Oh no! You mean I have to figure out how to use Instagram if I want to continue seeing your stunning work? I will miss your wonderful posts. Your girls really know how to have fun and I love all of your work. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

  11. LOVE your blog and all the quilts you are making! I tried, really tried, to get together a group like yours in Cincinnati, but had no success since "no one wants to make quilts like that anymore". If you switch to Instagram, I will not be able to follow you anymore, not everyone has all the latest devices.

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