Sunday, January 20, 2013

A little secret sewing and a UFO dusted off

It was the 3rd Saturday of the month yesterday, so yippee, it was sewing day.  And there has been a little bit of secret sewing (literally) going on.   

How so? Barb arrived with a completed quilt top - a beautifully pieced 'storm at sea' for her nephew - which none of us had any idea she was making. Love the colours, just perfect for a young man.

Di is really enjoying playing with the antique chintz bird fabric.  The broderie perse is almost done and a first border is being stitched down.

The way Di has fussy cut and used this beautiful green stripe from Barbara Brackman's Metropolitan Fair is stunning.

And the UFO dusted off is from Clare.  This is an oldy but a goody started a long time ago at a class at Primarily Patchwork. (I am having a senior moment and cannot remember the name, sorry)

Ann, Sue, Merri and I are all making progress on our projects.  However sometimes there is not a lot to show, so no photos from us this month.

Until next time,



  1. What beautiful work. I wish I was a member of your group.

    Cheers from Bali Airport......Miss you all.

  2. Wow that secret quilt is just stunning - perfect indeed for a young man. What a lucky fellow - am sure he is thrilled! The broderie perse is lovely - I have some of that fabric and I see clever cutting there :)

  3. Meghan, i think the quilt is a repro of Florence Peto's Calico Garden. looking good

  4. Three gorgeous quilts. I have some fabric like the one Di has used that I will be using in my Morrell. The 'Oldy but Goody' is a quilt I have loved the look of for years (literally!).

  5. I don't know what the pattern is but I very much like the floral blocks. They look like they would not be hard to do. Oh, I see a comment above that identifies the pattern. I have looked at the pattern before.

  6. I would love to send Di Ford a personal thank you email for the glorious mornings I have had drooling over her super gorgeous book and quilting since it arrived at my home. The joy is overwhelming. Such a delight and artistry.