Sunday, March 21, 2010

2nd Edition 21st March...I pushed the wrong button and published the first bit too early !!

I am very computer illiterate,therefore it is mildly amazing I have acheived what I have so far. I have just learnt what button not to push at a certain time but still not how to get the photos in the right position. DEB....HELLLP!
The top ph
The top photo is the raffle quilt for Quilts in the Barn that we are all working on. It is a repro of the quilt on page 75 of Quilts of the Oregon Trail.Yesterday was Secret Sewing Saturday so we layed all the blocks out to work out their order,then we'll stitch it together and turn it over to Helen Hayes to weave her majic with the quilting.
the next photo is one of the new quilts I'm working on .I've designed it for a class I'm teaching at the Ballarat Quilting Weekend in August this year. It has a Broderie Perse and Hexagon centre with small diamonds making up the bulk of the quilt then more borders to finish.I'm hoping for an English Frame Look.
I'm now starting to ramble a little so will save the next bit of news till next week (yes, I do mean next week !)
Happy Piecing


  1. The medallion quilt is looking good!
    You will learn all the ins and outs of posting on your blog. It just takes some practice.

  2. I love your new quilt! Will there be a pattern for sale eventually?