Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The "Secret Sewing Saturday" March edition!

On Saturday 20th. March, 2010 several suspects carrying rather large bags and sewing paraphenalia began arriving at ther designated address.
The following is just one account of how the actual event unfolded and names may have been changed to protect the innocent!
Well, maybe not so innocent!! Especially when it comes to the patchwork and quilting we al love.
Or, should I say share with a passion! I just love those Saturdays when we all meet and share our lives, our quilts and our ideas!
This time it was my place and the time just flew by!

We may have even got some sewing done! in between the show and tell and the eating bit!
Speaking of "show and tell" bit here is Ann (top) with another masterpiece nearly complete!
Deb (on the left) showing her work in blue, white and yellow!
Merri also had a beautiful piece to show....originally inspired by Kim McLean's "Turkish Tiles" but radically different and unique! Merri? Does your quilt have a name as yet?
Have you noticed something about this group? We seem to all make rather "big" quilts!
That's it for this post..but stand by for some really exciting news about a rather stunning quilt that some-one out there may get to keep!


  1. Just Love them all. What a talented Group and you all seem to have so much fun. Not like hard work at all ;-)
    Happy Easter to all of you

  2. all I can say is WOW!!!!!! each one is just so beautiful. What a talented group you are. Your exhibit is going to be amazing in the fall, well my fall!
    How I would love to see these treasures in person and just attend a meeting.
    Merri I love how your quilt turned out, Deb's quilt is the reason I wanted to learn how to applique, have I made it yet, sorry to say no!
    Ann I just love your quilt, is it an original or from a pattern?
    thanks for sharing your work with us

  3. All of those quilts are so special and love the blue one with the vases.. TOTALLY ROCKS