Saturday, March 6, 2010

A cacophony of sound & riot of colour

You can all see that we are not great at blogging updates but I think that's because we are all so busy sewing.

Many of us met on Thursday at Barb's ( who cooked us beautiful lemon cake and spinach quiche). Ann was well into her DNQTT and it is looking splendid with its paisley greens, pinks and other "murky" ( I mean this in a kind & loving way) tones. Chris was working on her piecing, I think for Mrs William ( but I might be wrong about this). Kerry had her C19th Flower Baskets, Barb was onto the Burnt Quilt (yeah, another one of us), Clare has returned to Primarily Patchwork's Border of the Month quilt so was sewing green leaves, Julie was doing large stars for the outside border of the Burnt Quilt. Di had her beautiful applique for the Poppy's quilt, (a Primarily Patchwork pattern) and I was doing more wedding rings.

Of course, when we meet there is an initial cacophony of sound as we all share our glad tidings & catch up on each other's news. Our meetings have taken on some sort of lovely ritual now , so there is the greeting phase, followed by the "show & tell" phase, then the sewing phase, the eating phase & perhaps sewing again until home time. Not that any of us gals are easily contained by routine! There is lots of "colour & movement" when we get together. Chatting, sharing fabrics, swapping ideas and patterns It is such fun!

This week, Barb had her Antique Wedding Sampler ( a beautiful pattern from Di Ford's Primarily Patchwork) all ready for us to look at and help her in the placement of the squares. Of course Di has a great eye for this, so by the time we left Barb had it ready to do the sashings.
Di took photographs & will update you soon with pictures.

I had my newly returned Turkish Tiles back form the quilter for my show & tell. Katrina Wilson did the quilting & I was sooooooo happy with the look she achieved. She is a very talented quilter. Now for the binding - once again my "sisters" had some advice for me about colours for this job.

More from us soon.
Happy stitching


  1. Uh,uh,uh. I can't breathe. That quilt is wonderful. Is that the DNQTT? Pardon me, but I don't know what that stands for. Perhaps I need to read backwards on your blog and I'll find it? I hope. It sounds like you have a great group of women to work with. Karmen

  2. Merri this is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to see it up close. Are you going on to the burnt quilt next?

  3. Wonderful quilt,, I just love the look of those fabrics together.. Totally thinking out of the box.. Great job, a real treasure.

  4. This is a beautiful quilt....I found your blog and am now following!!!

  5. Can't wait to see your Turkish Tiles Merri and see how Katrina has quilted it. It truly is a 'riot of colour'!

  6. This is one I'd love to see in person. Somehow I think the picture doesn't do it justice. It's stunning!!