Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Morrell's European Holiday and tomorrow is Thursday Secret Sewing.

On Monday I felt like a Mum sending her beloved child off to camp ! I have lent the Morrell Quilt to Petra from Petra's Patchwork and Quilting in Zutphen and Den Haan and Wagenmakers in Amsterdam. I feel like I have known Petra forever so know the quilt is in excellent hands. She is displaying it on her stand at the Pour L'Amour du Fil Quilt Show in Nantes in France and The Open European Championships in Veldhoven. It will be back home again for Quilts in the Barn later this year.

Tomorrow is Thursday Secret Sewing and we are heading down to Clare's holiday house at Barwon Heads. This passion takes us far and wide !! We don't mind what distance we have to travel for a day together. I've just been baking some chocolate cakes to take but was also trying to organise a new baby quilt for Maggie to start tomorrow...... got a tad carried away and from my sewing room could smell burning chocolate in the kichen. The thermostat on the stove must of had a hissy-fit and low heat became full on. The smell filled the house...absolutely foul. Our food addicted Springer Spaniel, Flic, got all excited thinking the mess would go to her instead of the bin ! The look on her face when I told her she couldn't have chocolate was very sad. Fortunately, due to my chocolate addiction I had another block of choccy and could start all over again. This time staying in the kitchen ( but I did move the fabric I was playing with into the kitchen with me !)

Maggie's quilt was going to be very simple....or so I originally planned. I have so many UFO's ( see one of Merri's earlier blogs re the no. of these we each had ) to finish as well as 2 Significant Pieces of Work... SPOWS....for Quilts in the Barn ,another time consuming project seemed out of the question and I also thought 5 week old Maggie would like it before her 21st birthday!

I was teaching up at Threadbear on Sunday and bought some gorgeous "pretty" little girl fabrics from a 30's Collection by Lecien (2nd photo) then added a few from the stash ( I must confess I did lightly tea dye the new ones... they were a little fresh for me. (1st photo) I now can't decide whether to do a minature Granny's Flower Garden or a mini version of the quilt I'm doing for Ballarat. (last blog ) I think this might be a decision for the sisters tomorrow.I'll keep you posted.

Getting back to our UFO's , after I read Merri's blog re the same, I went searching to see what I could finish for the show. The no. was a bit staggering and it was kind of like Christmas finding all this old stuff!! ( I used to be well known for not finishing...LOVED starting ) I did find my daughter Nicci's unfinished 21st Birthday Quilt.... she is Jake and Maggie's Mum and is now 37!! Sorry Nic. But it's now on the list. Most of the fabrics look like I made it yesterday, I'm just going to change the set in triangles.Machine piecing will be a welcome change from all the applique of late.The Aussie girls reading this may recognise John Farnham's signature in the top block!!!! After my gorgeous Brian, no.1 son and grandson and no.1 dog ,John is my very favourite male person and of course the best performer in the whole world !!
My next UFO to get stuck into will be my Baltimore... more on that next time.

PS I will master the photo positions 1 day!!

Edited by Deb for photo placement - I hope I put them in the right place Di!


  1. You girls are so clever! How exciting to have John Farnham's signature on your quilt. I love your fabric purchases from Threadbear and if I owned the beautiful Morrell quilt, I don't think I could sleep until I knew it was safe back with me.

  2. Dear Di, I have a quilt that's been traveling since last October, and I know how you feel. It's most un-nerving. I am a huge fan of your work, and have several of your wonderful patterns. You'll get the picture placement right eventually. Cheers, Michele

  3. Nicci is soooo lucky to be getting such a lovely quilt. Good things are worth waiting for.

  4. Your quilt will be in excellent hands in The Netherlands. I know, because I work at Den Haan & Wagenmakers in Amsterdam.
    I cann't wait to see it in real.

  5. I shall be going to Pour l'Amour du Fil in Brittany in a few weeks' time. I will certainly look out for this beautiful quilt, thank you for lending it so we Europeans can enjoy it.

  6. I've seen your quilt in Petra's shop in Zutphen, wow, I'm in love with it!!!!
    I've signed in for the BOM and can't wait to start with it next month...
    Thank you for sharing this with us in Holland!

  7. If I were you I would have delivered the quilt in person...a good excuse to have a European holiday...why should the quilt have all the fun? PS. There must be a story as to how you have John's signature?

  8. I have been good at refraining from making the Morrell quilt but now that I see it again I think I have to get the pattern and make it for ME!!!!!
    oh How I would love to go to Petra's shop or Den Haan and Wagenmakers to see it in person...maybe I just really need to come to the Quilts in the Barn exhibit, it will be there right?