Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Fabulous Secret Sewing Sisterhood Saturday

This is my very first blogging experience, so, please girls be kind! Today the Secret Sewing Sisterhood met at Meghan's for another fabulous day of companionship and stitching. Great food and a surprising amount of stitching done today but best of all, great company.

I count myself so lucky to be a member of such a wonderful group of friends.

I backed up the car this morning and headed for the "burbs". We live on 12 acres in the Upper Yarra Valley in Victoria about 65 km east of Melbourne. Brian and I share the property with our two precious Springer spaniels, Flic and Fletch and 4 very spoilt horses, Isley[pronounced Eye-lee], Robbie, Chelsea and Heidi. The photo at top is of our Illawarra Flame Tree, which looks spectacular in the backyard at the moment . The other photo is of Isley wearing a little "Jane Austen"number!! Don't mind leaving paradise for one of our sewing days.

Now for the "quilty " bits . I was the incredibly lucky recipient of the quilt at the top of the Secret Sewing Sisterhood Page. There were lots of tears that day. What a group. And I had absolutely no idea. I have included a photo of the quilt in it's temporary home hanging behind our bed. It will be hung in our Living Room when it is repainted, can't hang that quilt in a tacky room! [The photo was meant to slot in here.....but as you see it's up the top. I will get the hang of day.]
Now time to get back to stitching. Two new quilts for a class I'm teaching in Ballarat in August and the "Burnt Quilt" that Merri spoke about. Will post pics as I progress.


  1. Welcome to blogland Di!
    Looking forward to seeing the Burnt Quilt!
    I love the quilt they made for you, its beautiful. What a beautiful view you have. Paradise your right!

  2. Great to see you joining the world of blogging, Di!!
    Isley looks very fetching in the Jane Austen!
    I can't wait to see photos of the 2 new quilts.

  3. Gorgeous quilts! Love the pic of your spoilt horse with the lovely quilt...both are lovely! Look forward to seeing your Burnt Quilt!

  4. Great entry Di, you wouldn't know its your first time!

  5. Well done Di, a great post. Fabulous quilts, looking forward to seeing the two new ones.

  6. Welcome to blogland Di!
    Great first post...I LOVE your quilt and the one Isley is wearing..Looking forward to seeing your Burnt Quilt!
    Julia ♥

  7. Good job Di - the post looks great. That sure is some fancy horse blanket!
    PS. What is that pink fabric you used for your flowers in Phebe? I can't find anything suitable to substitute.

  8. Ein traumhafter Quilt.
    Liebe Grüße Grit