Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My version of Phebe

Well to tell you the truth - the thought of making this quilt was a little daunting. After all - I did see Di working on this quilt......her amazing eye for controlled cutting not to mention her enviable fabric stash were given a pretty thorough workout. In my opinion - whatever that's worth, Phebe is Di's masterpiece to date. If you haven't seen a photo of the completed quilt, have a look here. I hope my version will do hers justice. I'm going to replicate the fabric choice where I can just to keep me on track. I try every now and then to go for "subdued" but my natural tendency is for a lot of colour, so I have to keep dragging myself back.

Here it is so far.

A couple of people have already asked about the backing fabric

Wasn't sure about it at first, but I think it's working for me. It is a Windham fabric called Valley Forge. I love their fabrics, what a great addition to the market they have been. This one is adding a lot of texture and dimension to the background which I just love.

Next I added some greens

nice lime ones - my favourite. Two are from the Tanyard creek range, the one with the red dot is from Miss Jump's scrapbag, one is very old, and the second from the top (like a stipple pattern) is gorgeous, but I don't know the name. If you do - please let me know because I think I could buy a bolt.

When I have a quilt at this stage I always think about skeletons, do you? The stems are like the bones that you can hang things on. As you can see - I don't mark my fabric - except for a line where the stems should go. I use an overlay and slip the pieces underneath. How do you prepare your fabrics for applique? I don't wash anything either - yep, I like to live on the edge!

So now I'm waiting for some fabrics to arrive - never seem to have just the one I want, at least that's my excuse for buying some more gorgeous pieces of repro fabrics.

I hope you are enjoying seeing some of these gorgeous things by my quilt buds. Believe me - this is just the tip of the iceburg.

Happy stitching,



  1. I'm loving your fabrics in this quilt Deb. I don't wash either, too much like hard work!

  2. Well, I do wash but just not fabric before I sew!!!! You knew that didn't you?? Really??

  3. Deb it is looking splendid. I just love the detail of the flowers, especially the little one. And the birds look great too. I am getting itchy fingers to start something........ I think I will apply Meghans logic though - one draw emty = another space for new project. The background gives it great character.
    PS. has the postman been calling with any new goodies?

  4. Oh Deb...you are making my fingers itch! It is looking gorgeous!

  5. Your Phebe is stunning. I will enjoy watching it grow. I am going to finish up a couple of UFO's and start mine very soon. You have inspired me to get a wriggle on with it.