Sunday, January 17, 2010

Who remembers...

...the original Mickey Mouse Club? Before Britney (Spears) and Justin (Timberlake)? When our heroes were Annette, Darlene, Bobby and Cubby? Each day had a theme and Tuesdays were always special guest day. The Mouseketeeers would sing "so roll out the carpet and sweep the place clean" as they prepared for their visitor(s).

So where is this leading to? And what has it got to do with quilting?

As you will have read from Di's post, yesterday was the second sewing day of the month for the Sisterhood and I was host. So in between working, I was busy with preparations. I may not have rolled out the carpet, but I did bake a cake and I swept the place clean! And surprisingly the mood of industriousness carried into the sewing group. All of the girls had busy fingers and we manage to complete a considerable amount of stitching - or in Merri's case, a lot of cutting out of little triangles for the Burnt Quilt.

Julie was also working on her version of the Burnt Quilt. It is really quite lovely.....I am sure you will agree.

I continue to work on Phebe and am making steady progress on the centre applique medallion. Some of the pieces are so tiny to sew, particularly the sheep's legs. (What were you thinking when you designed this one Di?)

For those who are also making Phebe, Di and I had a little chat about the sheep's ears. I noticed that while Di has marked them on the pattern they are conspicuous by their absence in her finished quilt. It would seem that as she was making Phebe, Di went for a little drive to check out the Black Suffolk sheep in her area and decided that you cannot really see the ears. She promptly decided to leave them out of her quilt. A VERY wise move when you consider the size of the pieces!

So with the weekend drawing to a close, it is time to say goodbye in true Mouseketeer fashion...
MIC, c you real soon, KEY, y? because we like you ,



  1. I LOVED the mickey mouse club :)
    am i dating myself, who cares!!!!! oh I love the start of your Phebe quilt...
    oh the background fabric is wonderful and yes I am leaving out those ears too and maybe even the legs, they could be laying down you know!
    OK, OK, I now have officially added the Burnt quilt to my list of quilts to make Julie I love your color/fabric choices....ahhhhh of to sew so I can catch up and be ready when the pattern comes out.
    hint, hint Di !!!!! btw I told my DH last night I wanted to retire to Australia so I could be part of this group in person, he spit the coffee out all over his dessert, he thinks I am kidding!

  2. Gorgeous work...the sheep legslook tricky enough...thank goodness there are no ears!

  3. Thanks for the tip about the ears, I would have frustrated myself over those and I have to say that Kathie's idea of all the sheep lying down sounds good to me, or maybe I could embroider them, hmmm?? Looks fabulous Meghan.

  4. What fun the Mickey Mouse club was...Love the Burnt Quilt..Like Kathie,I'll be watching out for the Phebe pattern.
    Julia ♥

  5. I loved the Mouseketeers because there was a Sharon in it! Actually heard the theme song on the radio the other odd that you should mention this show too :))

    Love the quilts! Sharon in Sydney