Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Burnt Quilt

Well, this is an experience girls. My first real posting on a blog! A Luddite no more am I.
Meghan is correct, Thursday was food for the soul. After spending the day with the "gals" I felt I had to start something new so the Burnt Quilt it is.

What is the Burnt Quilt you ask? It is a beautiful pattern designed by Di to use the centre panel shown on my picture. The panel comes from Corliss at Threadbear and was calling for some purpose ( aided by Kerry's beckoning) so Di got to it and designed this lovely quilt It is correctly labelled the Tompins/Gwathney quilt and it's provenance is discussed in Quilts of Virginia.
Of course, Di has included many of her "flourishes" to make a beautiful pattern. The original quilt was used to put out flames after its owners daughter's clothing had caught fire. It was never repaired, hence the nickname. Quilts do serve many tremendous purposes.

Julie is making this at the moment & I have been watching it grow. She is doing a lovely job & her colour selection is great. How could I resist starting this treasure? I hope Julie will share hers with you soon. Di too is starting this and is into the stars for the outer border.
My fabric stash is being raided as we speak auditioning fabrics for the many triangles in the two centre borders. I have many possibilities but think I will stick with the blue, reds, beige, a hint of purple & yellow and of course murky browns. ( the tea dying has begun in earnest). I did audition some greens but not sure about that - what do you all think????????

I must pass on my tremendous shopping experience as well. (Thanks Meghan for the Spotlight info). All the fabrics on my right side of the picture hail from Spotlight for less than $8 per metre. You know my motto, you have spend to save!

I am off to paper piece the first triangle border now, if I can just decide which fabrics........
Good sewing

PS. a few Civil War Bride blocks to go on with.


  1. Gorgeous quilt...can't wait to see the finished project! WOW!

  2. Merri, how come we haven't seen these on the CWBQ blog???? They are gorgeous, I did send you an invite - didn't I? The burnt quilt is going to be fabulous.

  3. I can see how this blog from your sewing group is going to cause me either to sew like a maniac to catch up with all the quilts you have made that I LOVE or have a list of quilts to make for the next two lifetimes!
    I love this panel and oh that quilts of Virginia is one of my favorite quilt history books
    Many beautiful quilts in this book.
    I can see how will need a fund called the SSS fund to buy for future projects your all making!
    Keep up the posting this is going to be a wonderful blog to follow