Sunday, January 31, 2010

How time flies!

Here we are already at the end of January and I doubt if any of us have had time to draw a line under 2009 yet, let alone get ourselves organised for another year. The weather however, has been relatively kind and conducive to sewing, today excepted!

Over the past two weeks I have been working on the centre medallion of Phebe. It is a little lopsided but I am getting there. See what I mean?

I have also been hand piecing a few more octagons for a quilt that was inspired by Kim McLean's Turkish Tiles.

I wasn't sure that I liked the centre of the quilt so designed an alternative for the girls to sew using a pair of plates purchased while on holiday in Turkey and some photos from a book as my inspiration.

From here, the pattern was supposed to revert back and follow similar lines to that of the Kim McLean original. Having just finished the Morrell Quilt I wasn't ready to do more sampler blocks so decided to complete the quilt with a large border of pieced octagons.

In total there will be 736 of them (not that I am counting). And I will end up with a quilt that is completely different to the one we all planned to do.

Merri has completed her version of Turkish Tiles and it is another gorgeous quilt. I think it is just waiting to be sent to the quilter. Hopefully she will post a photo for you all to see.

Enjoy sewing on Thursday girls, wish I could be there

Until next time,



  1. Wow! Phebe is looking great. Sadly, mine remains unstarted! Your Turkish Tiles is also gorgeous. I look forward to seeing Merri's version posted.

  2. BEAUTIFUL! you have done alot of STITCHING on these. This as been a fast month, we have 6 inches of snow here today and is very cold. Have a great week. HAPPY SEWING!

  3. You girls are sooo clever and so productive. I'm loving everything you do!

  4. Meghan, they both look so beautiful. It is interesting what you see in a photograph compared to what you see with the naked eye. Some colours leap out.
    And good to see all those sheep with feet (hooves?)!
    Cheers Merri

  5. BEAuTIFUL...this is stunning.. can't wait to see it finished..
    Julia ♥

  6. Phebe is looking fabulous Meghan. Some very strong contrasts in there. Looking forward to comparing yours and mine shortly.

  7. Both are just beautiful Meghan!

  8. Your Turkish Tiles is so different and how gorgeous it will be!

  9. Wow! Both of these are beautiful. Awesome!

  10. Is the "Turkish Tiles" you are working on from a pattern or are you creating it all as you go. It is very interesting.

    And your applique block, though not done yet, is exquisite!

  11. this is an amazing quilt, absolutely stunning work, be proud of this!!

  12. Klasse!!!
    Einfach super.
    LG Grit