Thursday, January 7, 2010

Soul Food

After a very busy December that left me feeling a little flat it was time to feed my soul. And is there any better way to find nourishment other than spending time with the "Sewing Sisterhood". The Sisterhood meets twice a month, but due to work commitments Deb and I rarely attend the Thursday gathering. Today however, both of us were wonderfully, gloriously free and able to join the gals. Unlike Barb, Sue, Clare and Ann whom are all regulars but absent today for various reasons. We missed them but it is only 10 days to our next sewing day and I look forward to seeing them all then.

Our sewing days could never really be labelled industrious. There are always good intentions to be productive but things just seem to get in the way. You know how it is when friends gather - lots of chatter, many a laugh (sometimes to to point of tears) and if needed, a caring ear to confide in. It is this that makes the day so delightful and truly food for the soul.

Of course there is a little sewing! Merri has brought along her 'Civil War Bride' blocks to work on and Chris her 'Tribute to Mrs Williams'. Both are patterns from Threadbear in Castlemaine. Kerry looks like she has raided her pile of UFOs and is working on 19th Century Baskets, one of Di's beautiful reproduction designs. While Deb has started work on another one of those gorgeous Mary Mannakee blocks.

Julie has embraced hand-piecing and is stitching together one of many 8 pointed stars that are part of a new quilt that Di is designing. I am having a senior moment and can't remember the name that Di has christened it with. Julie is the first of the group to start this particular quilt and we all just love her choice of colour and fabric.

And me, well I have sewed the first stitches of Phebe. There is not a lot to look at yet, just the skeleton of vines for the centre applique medallion, but here is a photo of what I have completed so far anyway.

I know, I know, what about Di? What is she working on? Di was our host today and somehow seemed to spend all her time doing hostessy (is there such a word?) things. Well almost all of her time! As you can see this is a new blog and, as there are a few Luddites among the Sisterhood, Deb took some time out to show us all how to create posts and publish them. Di was the number one pupil.

The last task of the day was to take a photo of my completed DNQTTT quilt top. So, as promised, here it is!

If you are followers of Deb's blog, Needles, Sticks and Hooks, take a look at Merri's version in the Flickr Photostream. Same quilt but as you will see, it has a very different look.

I really have to / want to acknowledge Helen Hayes as it was her award-winning version of Homage to Sally Ann, Best of Show at Jeff's Shed in 2005 (I think) that inspired me with my colour choices and gave me the courage to use a red fabric for background.

So with the soul refreshed, it is time to finish up and say goodbye,
Until next time,


  1. I NEVER would have thought to use a red background for Deb's quilt but WOW is it ever beautiful! congratulations on finishing your DNQTTT quilt!
    thanks for sharing it with us.
    oh makes me want to pull out my Phebe pattern and start too...
    so tell us how do you make your stems????

  2. Well done Meghan great post. Fabulous pattern for DNQTTT (ha ha).

  3. My goodness this Red is a great background and I do think I'm going to be back. One stop isn't enough for even just this post!

  4. I love when red is used as a neutral!
    Good for you - it's wonderful.
    looking forward to reading more on your blog.

  5. The quilt top is gorgeous! The red background is not something I would have thought of using but it is outstanding.

  6. Great post Meghan and I love the blog. I'm hoping to start Phebe soon but I have to do a few more on the CWBQ first. It's nice to be a able to see what you are all doing.

  7. Wow, the red background looks amazing on that quilt!! Beautiful work!
    My Hommage to Sally Ann pattern is waiting for me........I really need to finish my Morrell quilt first though!
    I am looking forward to seeing all your creations!!!

  8. The quilt top is gorgeous! The red background is not something I would be game to use...seeing it here is an inspiration and something to think about.
    Julia ♥

  9. Wonderful post and quilt. I'm looking forward to the continuing exploits of the Secret Sewing Sisterhood! Love the name!

  10. Dear Meghan,

    Please, please, tell me what DNQTTT stands for! Your quilt is just gorgeous. Will you hand quilt it? Michele