Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Once upon a time

in a town, not so far away, called Canterbury, there was a place called Theatre place. In that place there was a shop; Primarily Patchwork, where gals would come from miles around to OOOH and ARGH over the beautiful fabrics for sale and the quilts made from them.

And although from all walks of life and largely unknown to one another, we gals sat around that most inclusive Primarily Patchwork quilting table and talked and laughed and sewed and laughed some more. And as the weeks went by, we got to know each other better so that when our classes finished we just couldn't stop the fun. So the "secret sisterhood" was formed. Of course many quilts have been made and many more are "works in progress" ( we all have just a few UFO's) .

Over the years we have shared many hours of creativity, some fabulous food, lots of laughs and sadly, a few tears. We always have more plans for "our next new quilt" than we could possibly achieve in a lifetime. We meet once a month, some of us meet twice. Sometimes we get some sewing done, but it is not a requirement.

We hope that we can share some of our creations with you through our blog.

Happy 2010 everyone.

Deb and Merri