Sunday, September 18, 2011

Works in Progress or Projects Half Done?

It was a very noisy group that gathered at Barb's yesterday. Not sure why but the decibel level was very high. As always we debated everything from world peace to the footy.

One point of discussion was the label we give to all of those half finished projects. Are they works in progress (WIP), unfinished objects (UFOs) or projects half done (PhDs)? We all agreed that 'working on your PhD" has quite a nice sound to it so, in future, that is what they will be called.

Now for the rundown on the sisters and the PhDs they were working on yesterday. First up Clare, working on 'Border of the Month. I remember this from Primarily Patchwork days so that would mean Clare has been "studying" hard for the better part of 5 years!

Deb brought along a block of Sally Ann. She was working at such a pace that the camera could not keep up with the speed of hand.

Barb continues to work on her Dear Jane blocks.

Ann's PhD must be in maths! All day she kept counting berries and making calculations on how many she had left to do.

Merri is working on her version of Feather with Flowers from the Fons & Porter book, Quilts from the Henry Ford. Merri is a little more diligent than the rest of us and has completed the 4 central blocks and began work on the fourth border between all the chatter.

While Di is starting something new. It is a secret so all I can give is a hint of the block she was stitching. And all of us just love this recently published book by Martha Pullen on the Quilts in the DAR Museum. If you love antique quilts it is a must have!.

And Kerry, the Sister that started the discussion on PhDs, continues to work on 19th Century Flower Baskets. And the focus on this particular area of study area has been on-going for almost 6 years. I know this because that is how long I have been working on my version of this beautiful quilt.

Until next time,