Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bits and Pieces

It has been a busy month since the last post from the Sisters so the following is a sampling of what we have all been up to over this time.

First up, Houston.  Di, along with Michelle Yeo and Carolyn Konig, were the featured quilters in an exhibition of Australian quilters and their work.  The enthusiasm from all who came and viewed the quilts was overwhelming.
Di and her quilts at Houston
 As well as being exhibitors, Di and Michelle conducted an open studio where they demonstrated different methods of doing broderie press.
Di demonstrating needleturn broderie perse
There was time to meet up with friends.  Petra and Nel from the Netherlands with their Dutch Heritage fabrics.  They were virtually sold out by the end of day one!
Nel and Petra on their stand at Houston
And with Mary and Joe Koval.   Here they are with a strike-off of the Palampore that Mary has designed for Windham Fabrics and the marketing pamphlet for the associated fabrics.  All will be available in April 2015.  They are stunning!
Joe and Mary Koval
 Back home, and there have been two sewing days since our return. First up was Thursday at Sue's and look at what was waiting on the table for us when we arrived.  Beautiful red roses from her garden and a luscious cake.

Ann was working on a new quilt, Luscious Berry Baskets by Sharon Keightley (a New Zealand designer).  Just love the background which is a toile from an early fabric collection by Kaye England

 Clare was working on a block for her Margaret Sampson George - Going Green - quilt and was very happy when it turned out perfectly and sat flat.

 And remember that broderie perse block that Di was using for demonstration purposes at Houston, well here it is almost finished.

Next was Saturday sewing at my home.  Barbara brought along a finished giant nine patch quilt that she has made for a family member.  It was made from fabrics raided from a few of the Sister's stashes and looks much better than this very poor photo indicates.

Heading to Houston I wanted a portable hand piecing project so started this double wedding ring using mostly Petra and Nel's Dutch Heritage fabrics.  There was very little sewing done while away but on the Saturday I managed to complete 2 melons.  I think this quilt is going to take a long time to make.

And finally, yesterday I picked this up from long arm quilter,  Loreen Horsnell.  The quilt top was finished late last year and was part of the Sister's challenge for 2013.  Loreen has used a combination of feathers and in-the-ditch quilting and it looks lovely.The pattern is from Betsy Chutchian and Carol Staehle's book, History Repeated and uses the Carpenter's Wheel block.
Until next time,


Thursday, October 2, 2014

First Thursday sewing......

...and an almost finished Sutton Grange from Di.  There is one final border to go and work on it is well underway

Merri brought along her completed Beamish Quilt (an obvious name as it is based on a quilt held in the collection at the Beamish Museum in the UK).  It has been beautifully quilted by Katrina (Katrina's Quilting).

And I am under instructions from Merri to comment on the fabric used in border 4.  This was sourced in part from Kerry 's stash and partly from mine.  We all agree it was an inspired choice and that it works well.

And Ann was busy sewing the binding down on her version of the same quilt.

The quilting was done by Helen Hayes and it is just fabulous.  

The two quilts could not be more different but both are just gorgeous.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Recovering from blog fatigue!!

Yes it has been a while but sometimes, when something you love doing becomes a chore, it is best to take a break.  So with renewed enthusiasm for blogging, here is a sample of what the Sisters have been working on since the last entry.

 Clare began this quilt a long time ago - so long ago she could not remember when.  It is now a completed top and ready for quilting.  The centre blocks were designed by Di and Clare has added her own touch with her designs for the borders.
 Deb has begun something new and is using an antique quilt for the inspiration.  I think this is going to be a four block quilt with borders.
And Merri has cut out the first of the blocks of a new project (using a pattern from an old McCall's magazine).  She was asking if the colours worked.  I think the answer is a resounding yes.  The background is a beautiful dark teal from  Mary Koval's blenders.  Methinks this is going to be rather luscious when finished.

Until next time,


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Autumn Musings..........

 O.K!..............we know, it has been a while, but we have been very busy getting ready for, and being involved in CAG's first Quilt Exhibition which was a great success!......more of that later.
On a very nice Autumn Thursday the SSS gathered at Barb's place....and Merri showed off her just quilted and bound Antique Wedding Sampler...what a beauty!!! Pictures really do tell the story, good one Merri!
Notice that really gorgous combination of applique, piecing and fussy-cutting! (not my blogging "skills" as I try and manouvre things around!)

After some of this............purely medicinal, of course... Then it was heads down and needles up! ...or something like that!)... for example..... Di is working on a quilt for THE next book, Sue is continuing with hexagons, Ann has begun Di's "Mystery Quilt" found in Quiltmania, I was working of the many Phd's in my collection Deb, Clare and Meghan where at that very distracting place called "work"   (we missed you)  and Barb was putting labels on bags........

Why, you may ask was Barb doing this?????.............if you joined the hundreds of quilters who flocked to Castlemaine on the 15th and 16th of this month then you know! What a grand many beautiful quilts! Here are a few of the Sisters contributions: O.K! here is where my blogging skills are defunct!!!..before I really loose control.....please go to Threadbear's blog and see the show!
Di's "Rotherfield Greys",Merri's" Ode To

Mary Brown",  Deb's "Not Quite Telling The Truth" and my "Queen Daisy".
Signing off for now!...are'nt you all relieved!..............keep on stitching!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finishing touches..

.. were being put on several quilts at last Saturday's sewing to complete them in time for Castlemaine Applique Group's first ever exhibition.

Merri was sewing the binding on Civil War Bride (pattern by Corliss Searcy).

Ann was also sewing a binding on, "Clamshells" is a colourful quilt, but the backing is - well what can one say - very bold!

And here is a little peak at the beautiful quilting done on it by our dear friend, Helen Hayes.

And I was doing the last few stitches on the hanging sleeve of 19th Century Baskets (pattern by Di Ford-Hall)

We would love to see you at the exhibition if you can make it.

Until next time....


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Summer days.........

After a slow start summer has well and truly arrived with temperatures way too hot!  It doesn't stop us from sewing though and the third Saturday of January saw the Sisters travel to Barwon Heads for a day beside the seaside at Clare's family beach house.  There were old projects and new being worked on.
Hard at work
Here is the latest update on progress being made.  And first up from Barb, lots of piecing of the final border of blocks for the Burnt Quilt.

 With each lozenge on the setting squares fussy cut and different.

Ann has started sewing Merri's version of the quilt from the Beamish Museum.  Her colours are brighter than Merri's. Both are beautiful.

Merri brought along her now completed Civil War Bride quilt.  She just needed some help drawing the faces on her bride and groom.

And a close up of one of the blocks, love the vase and the barley twist legs on the table!

Sue continues working on her hexagons, and it is growing but still a long way to go!

And last but definitely not least, for all the quilters booked into any of the 4 days of Threadbear's Applique School feast your eyes on this!  The centre medallion block that Di has created for the class.  It is beautiful and the fussy cutting - ohh la la!  

Until next time,


Monday, January 6, 2014

Goodbye 2013...Hello 2014!

Our 2013 finished with a truly delightful day as the Sisters were joined by friends Anne and Barb and travelled to Castlemaine where we had an early Christmas celebration with Corliss, Megan and Annabelle at Threadbear.  Officially the shop was closed but tucked away in the classroom at the back, we joined together for a day of sewing, talking, laughter and lots of eating.

It was also the day of the big reveal.  Inspired by Kim and her sewing group over on Threadheads Unite, the Sisters and friends decided to accept the challenge from Ann and make a quilt in secret from History Repeated.


Now some of the Sisters were very productive and arrived with completed quilts, most notably Sue who had not only hand-pieced but also hand quilted her version of the hourglass quilt.

First up from Clare
next Ann, using a medallion from Reproduction Fabrics as her centre

Sue's hourglass blocks in muted shades of red, blue and brown
Anne's Pyramids
Then there were those who had finished piecing the tops together...

Barb Walker
Barb, using an applique medallion completed many years ago
...others with a collection of blocks made...

and Corliss
...while others are still trying to decide which quilt to make!

But wait, I don't have a photo for Kerry's efforts! Maybe it's because Kerry was in charge of the camera?  So tell me Kerry, which quilt did you choose and how much has been completed>

Not content with making us work hard through the year, Ann has come up with next year's challenge.  How about a little something from the Poos Collection?  As this challenge is a little more, well challenging, we have decided to allow ourselves two years to complete the quilt.  Hmm, I wonder who will be the over achievers on this?

Until next time................