Tuesday, March 22, 2011

After The Ides of March

Sewing this month was on the 19th, 4 days after the Ides of March. How is this relevant to sewing? It isn't really! It is just one of those dates (the 15th that is) I always remember courtesy of high school english literature and Shakespeare's Julius Caeser.

Anyway, it was a much smaller group that gathered, just 7 of us. Sue, Barb and Chris all absent for various reasons. But that didn't mean any less noise! We discussed everything from the terrible tragedy that is the Japan Earthquake through to "Inside Job", a documentary on the global financial crisis, (and all at several decibels above the safety levels I am sure).

Merri and I have both been to see Inside Job and highly recommend it. The only downer, you will come away angry at the greed, the cronyism and the collusion between the banks, government and academia.

Now for the sewing. Our day always starts with show and tell. First up was Kerry with her almost completed 'A Tribute to Mrs Williams'.

Julie has made some progress since last month on her version of this beautiful quilt and started adding the blocks in the first border.

I am sure many of you also follow Deb's blog and will have seen her progress on Homage to Sally Ann. She has started work on the corner blocks. We all just love her colour choices.

Di brought along 2 projects she is working on. First up she is re-working her Antique Wedding Sampler.

And now that all the sashings have been removed from her Baltimore Album, Di has a fresh wave of enthusiasm for this quilt and is working on additional blocks to complete it.

Merri has commenced a version of the the 'Feather with Flowers Quilt' from Fons & Porter's book, Quilts from the Henry Ford. Note the background fabric - Moda's Luna Notte in the pale green. I think every one of us in the Sisterhood lusts after this particular fabric but it sold out very quickly. I think Ann has managed to get a few metres and I was also lucky to get some.

And last, but definitely not least, Ann has completed all of the blocks for her daughter's "wedding quilt". Just the borders to add then off to the quilters. Oh, and I did remember to ask, the pattern is from Material Obsession.

So, that's about it for this month,

Until next time,