Sunday, February 21, 2010

It has been a long time..

..between posts! And all because there has been 5 weeks, not the usual 4 between our Saturday Sewing dates. So imagine what it was like as the girls gathered after such a long break. Lots and lots of chatter catching up on who's been doing what over the past month. There were also 2 birthdays, Deb and Sue's, to celebrate. Our hostess with the mostess, Ann, baked a beautiful, multi-layered birthday cake. I won't tell you how many candles, let's just say that the combined flames burned brightly! Our rendition of happy birthday may have been slightly off key but was sung from the heart.

Julie, Merri and Di were all working on the Burnt Quilt. Julie has taken on an enormous task with her quilt as she is adding an extra row of blocks to bring her quilt up to king-size. If anything is going to tempt me to add to my UFOs it will be the Burnt Quilt. I am just starting to hear its siren call in the dark recesses of my brain. Any suggestions on how to resist the temptation?

Ann was working on DNQTTT and Kerry on 'Mary Brown'. Barb was unhappy with one of the blocks she had made for Antique Wedding Sampler so was busy pulling it apart and adding new boderie perse to it. Deb brought along Phebe as did I. Sue is working on a quilt of her own design which is destined to be a wedding present to a lucky niece. It is art deco in style and will be gorgeous when finished.

And finally a photo to show the progress I am making with Phebe. I have finished the centre medallion and started working on the 2nd border.

My courting couple are yet to get features on their faces. I am not the most competent of artists and worry that I will make a mistake that cannot be undone.

Until next time,


PS. I promise to take a camera to the next sewing day and take a few photos of the girls at work!