Sunday, October 13, 2013

"Silence is golden"

So does that mean the silence from the sisters over the past month has produced streets paved with gold (don't you just love mixed metaphors!!).  Not really, just these few bits and pieces....hope you enjoy them.
A new quilt from Merri, based on an antique quilt in the Beamish Museum 
Les Grandes Feuilles Rouges by Merri, just back from quilter Katrina Wilson, who has done a superb job with lots of feathers balanced by straight lines in the centres of each leaf set and the borders
Dear Jane from Barb, nearly there!
From Di, an almost complete centre medallion, we were all debating whether that 3rd hexagon flower , centre top, should be included or not.

And after x%!@& years, finally finished and quilted (by Laurene Horsnell who has done a wonderful job),
my version of Di's pattern, 19th Century Flower Baskets.

Until next time,