Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Secret Sewing Sisterhood:On A Mission!

Your Mission...if you choose to accept it, is to gather together a group of like-minded:

 Meet on a Saturday, at a pre-arranged place........................with views to die for!!!!
And weather that..............well, was just absolutely "one out of the box"

Bring along a few quilts,

Such as Megan's gorgeous example! those Jo Morton fabrics! Just take a closer look at that centre!

........and one of Deb's corners from the quilt"Ode To Sally-Anne".

 This quilt is made up of nine......Yes!........that's nine panels of applique which are put together as you go along, because of overlaps of stems, flowers and vines etc..........this is a big quilt. One, I think all of us are stitching at different rates. (Mmmmm!!.....where did I put my bits?)
Also, as the official "Quilts In The Barn" raffle quilt makers for 2012 just let me give you all a peek at what is to come, so you can save those $"s for ticket purchases........
now we know the theme for this year is "red and white".....but, well, (apologies Linda) .........this quilt will be red and "off-white"  as we have used our favourite tea-dye fabric for the background.
I can let you know that it will be a four block quilt with sashings and borders., back to our "Mission"............which we did accept.
All of us came together, today to help with a very special project: We brought the lunch (definate necessity at our get-togethers!), our needles, scissors and thread
Di is very busy designing and making quilts and other goodies for a book that Quiltmania will be producing in the very near future. It is very exciting, and with her permission, here is a picture of one of the designs that will be in the book!

Is'nt it just a delight!?
Oh! Sorry!.... I can only show you the can't actually see the quilt as it is "under wraps" until publishing day!
But with this great choice of fabric for the back, just imagine what's on the other side!
Stay tuned for progress reports in the future.
Hope you enjoy this posting as much as we enjoyed our we do with all our get-togethers!
Until next time.....
Happy Stitching, Kerry