Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The SSS "1st Thursday of the Month" September Gathering

Greetings Fellow Quilters..................I have decided that September has officially been (so far,for me!) the most busiest month of 2013. Hence the rather latish entry to the SSS blog-site........if that's what it's called!!!
However, I will do my best to bring everyone up to date on our first September gathering.
Here are "The Gatherers" at Clare's place on a rather chilly, rainy day. Love the back yard.....I want one of those instead of my muddy "lawn" and "leaning", actually falling over fences!!...but that's another story!
After the group (missed you Deb, Sue, Barb and Meghan) devoured this: We did lots of hard work on the various projects that we had brought along. I will let the pictures do the talking!

Clare had been VERY busy finishing this masterpiece, using Dutch chintzes and the "Tree of Life" centre panel. WoW!!!! Now she is working on this gem...part of a much bigger gem.
Ann is adding these... (pardon the colour, forgot the flash!)to these... and has just completed this!!!
Oh! aren't we just sooooooooooo good!! That's Di on the right...Ann is on the left, well, I think she is on the left!...oh, yes, I can see a hand. Now Di has began something "new" for the "new" book that will be published in a year...or so (yes! that will be No. 2!) Meanwhile our Merri has turned a dab hand at designer and has fallen in live with an antique quilt, seen in a book. (that's Merri's on the left and Di's on the right! This is the result..a beginning really, lots more to come. As for me?...I keep stitching "relics" from the past and am trying to complete my version of the "Antique Wedding Quilt"...only 4 blocks to go and I begin the border appliques! Mind you, I have just a "few" other projects on the go!...as I am sure we all do. Well, that's the day's story..hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Happy Stitching. Kerry