Sunday, January 20, 2013

A little secret sewing and a UFO dusted off

It was the 3rd Saturday of the month yesterday, so yippee, it was sewing day.  And there has been a little bit of secret sewing (literally) going on.   

How so? Barb arrived with a completed quilt top - a beautifully pieced 'storm at sea' for her nephew - which none of us had any idea she was making. Love the colours, just perfect for a young man.

Di is really enjoying playing with the antique chintz bird fabric.  The broderie perse is almost done and a first border is being stitched down.

The way Di has fussy cut and used this beautiful green stripe from Barbara Brackman's Metropolitan Fair is stunning.

And the UFO dusted off is from Clare.  This is an oldy but a goody started a long time ago at a class at Primarily Patchwork. (I am having a senior moment and cannot remember the name, sorry)

Ann, Sue, Merri and I are all making progress on our projects.  However sometimes there is not a lot to show, so no photos from us this month.

Until next time,


Saturday, January 5, 2013

......And A Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!

The Secret Sewing Sisterhood had their first gathering for the new year last Thursday at Di's place.
There where reminders of the Christmas season scattered around.

 And also some evidence of a trip or two to France in the past year!

......just a small reminder that "that book!" is being released in France in April, and I also have the "inside" news that it will also have an Aussie release at The Stitches and Craft Show in Victoria later this year!

Now for the really important stuff.....the quilting stuff!

We all love "show and tell" and Deb has finished a spectacular version of a Michelle Yeo those antique colours!......and just look at her choice in backing!!  Yumm! it's off to be quilted!
 Deb has also started The Caswell Quilt designed by Corliss from Threadbear, in Castlemaine. Don't you just love these blocks!? Now, Deb is not the only one of the SSS to have a bit of "show and tell"! Look at this!....Di has discovered a new fabric storage system of which she is very excited nifty is this!

As for the rest of us???........................Sue and Clare where absent.....Sob!.....we missed you both! Barb was completing her stars on "The Burnt Quilt"......and using some of that beautiful Dutch chintz...
 Also I see a pattern for a Storm at Sea" quilt in the background. Ann is continuing with her Clamshell quilt......Merri with "The Civil War Bride" quilt....Meagan is completing one of the borders to one of her gorgeous applique quilts, I am muddling along with "The Morrell" and "Antique Wedding Quilt"

Oh!!......and what's this??......
and this!!............Di has been a busy girl!!....there are some "out there" who will recognize this fabric as one of Mary Kovall's antique chintz/s . There is a bit of a challenge circulating using this bird!...You know who you are!!......look to the future!!!
And, if you love this, then I know Mary may have some more!......(but leave some for me!)

As for the rest of the day..................we continued to sew.....


...............and, as usual, as we sew, we eat (Oh! that scrumptious apricot cake.....still warm from the oven!!), we chat,we discuss, we plan, we sip our coffee/tea, we argue a little, we have a laugh (or two!.......or , maybe three!) and we solve all the problems of the world.........or, maybe just a couple of them!
That's it for now...............keep on stitching!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The final countdown has begun!

With the beginning of the new year the final countdown has begun to the publication of Di's "yet to be given a title" book.

Over the past 12 months the Sisters have been watching and waiting while Di has gathered together the best of her completed quilts; designed a few new ones; stitched like a demon; and then with heart in mouth consigned the quilts into the caring arms of DHL to send to France so that Quiltmania could begin the publishing process. (And yes they all arrived safely and are having their moment in the spotlight as they are photographed for the book.)

The official launch date of the book will be April 24th at Pour L'Amour du Fil in Nantes, France.  

For those lucky enough to be going to this amazing show you will be able to buy a copy there.  

If not, you will be able to purchase a copy online from Quiltmania.

And here in Australia, if you want to get in early, Corliss (from Threadbear in Castlemaine) is taking advance orders.

Now, how many sleeps is it?????

Until next time,