Sunday, February 19, 2012

A hint about what is to come!

Not sure what possessed Di and I but.....while sitting enjoying the camaraderie of the after show barbecue at last year's Quilts in the Barn we volunteered to make the raffle quilt for the 2012 "Red and White" exhibition. Inspiration has been slow coming but we finally have a design and the fabrics have been purchased.

The fabrics are from Blue Hill Fabrics Garabaldi II range. Don't you just love the large floral? And no, your eyes are not deceiving you, the background is not white. None of us can quite wrap our heads around white as a main colour so instead we are using our favourite shade of tea stain. The freezer paper leaf shapes you see is the hint of what is to come with the finished quilt being a 4 block applique.

Yesterday was also our regular Saturday gathering. So to round out this post, here is a little show and tell from the day.

First up, Deb has almost finished her version of Phebe. The colours are just beautiful.
And a close up of the outer borders.
Ann and I are both busy stitching Di's Antique Wedding Sampler Revisited with both of us working on this block. We chose the red independently of each other and think these two blocks are a great example of 'same but different'. That is Ann's version on the left, mine on right.
I have also finished these two blocks in the past week or so. All up Ann and I are about halfway done with both of us really enjoying this creative exercise.
Until next time...


Monday, February 6, 2012

A Little Catching Up!!

O.K!.............we all forgot to bring out the cameras at the last gathering of the Sisters!, so I thought I might do a bit of 'catching up"
As requested by Meghan.............This is Merri's "Ode To Mary Brown", borders on, and looking fantastic!
Also, in this post a few images of the quilts from the American Museum in Bath that I visited in 2010. Yes!..........I forgot to finish my little "world quilt tour" that I started in 2011 (I think!)
So I hope you enjoy the show! As for adding images.....I am a little rusty at this!
Please forgive if they are all over the place!
Just take a look at these hexagons!, and don't you just love that border!?

Then, along comes this stunner!, and some detail!
The roses are amazing! and I did'nt have time to count the leaves on the border!
Let's add some stars and a bit more chintz!

Then finish with some Broderie Perse that is as vibrant today as it was when first made!
I hope you have enjoyed the "catch-up" and end of the "tour" of quilts!.......and promise that someone will have a camera at the next Sisters get together!!!
Keep on stitching!