Thursday, October 28, 2010

A big thank-you...

From left to right, Sue, Julie, Di, Clare, Meghan, Merri
Absent: Ann, Barb, Deb, Kerry and Chris

On behalf of the Sisters I would like to say thank you to everyone who visited Quilts in the Barn and for all the wonderfully kind and overwhelmingly complimentary comments we have received, both on the days of the show and following via this amazing online quilting community.

When we were first invited by Linda to be the featured exhibitors we were very excited and rather flattered to think we were going to have our very own quilt hanging. After the show all I can say is how humbled we have been by your reaction to our quilts.

To my fellow Sisters, a big thank you as well. I began my patchwork and quilting journey in 2004 to try and counterbalance a hectic working life that saw me frequently traveling overseas and sometimes away for extended periods of time. Little did I know that this creative passion would bring in to my life an amazing group of women, all unique, who quickly grew to become friends.

From meeting other quilters and from the many blogs I read, I know my experience is a common one. How lucky we all are!

Until next time....


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quilts in the Barn

Hi everyone,
Sorry for the long delay in posting. The sisters have been working their fingers to the bone, trying to finish quilts for the upcoming Quilts in the Barn exhibit which will be featuring our quilts this year.

If you have been to Quilts in the Barn before, you will know that Linda puts on a fabulous event with beautiful quilts, in a glorious setting. All monies raised are for breast cancer research. If you haven't been before, now is your chance! There will be afternoon tea available, Corliss from Threadbear will have a stall there and Di will have some of her patterns for sale- what more can I say? Oh yes - we have a raffle quilt

beautifully quilted by Helen Hayes. It is called the Sisters Peony quilt - we all love it so much we want to win it ourselves! Again all money raised goes for Breast Cancer research. Raffle tickets will be on sale at the exhibition and some local quilt shops also are selling them.

If you are reading this blog, and you can get to the exhibition, please do say hi to one of the sisters, we'd love to meet you and put a face to the names. Linda has a selection of around 100 quilts to choose from - I think she hangs about 70 depending on size, so we'll wait and see what goes up.

So where and when?

If you click on the poster it should enlarge so you can read the details.

Hope to meet some of you there and raise some money for this worthy cause.


Edited to add: In my haste to get this post out before something else happens at work - I neglected to say - "and of course say hi to Linda" who so generously hosts this annual event. In the meantime go check out her blog Quilts in the Barn