Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tripping Around The Globe

It has been a while since I have "blogged" and I am a bit rusty, especially with the image bit... but here goes!
In 2010 my husband and I went for a jaunt o'seas mainly for the wedding of my nephew, Matthew, to Alissa.
Here is the very happy couple:

After the wedding we did a bit of sight-seeing in New Hampshire (U.S.A). This is where my younger sister and her family lives (groom's mother). Concord is the capitol of N.H. and they have a local museum, which, to my delight had an entire foor show-casing this:
Is'nt it exciting when these type of accidental encounters occur!?
Photos where a difficulty, as no flash was allowed and my images where a bit shakey. But here are a couple to start with.
I especially liked the two crazy quilts on show...those pictures along with others, are on my husband's super- dooper camera and if there is an interest I can show them in the future.
Just leave a comment.

A red and white delight.
There where a few examples of two colour quilts.
I noticed the red and white quilt exhibition on in New York recently.

There where many examples of blocks (and I took photos of them least twice!)......reminded me of our Sampler quilts. It seems that many of the blocks where from a collection belonging to one individual who wished to preserve the quilting heritage of New Hampshire. I think she has done a great job.

Aren't they just wonderful?
I could have stayed all day.
Mind you, the guide stationed down-stairs told us it was disappointing we did not see the last month's exhibition......."Kitchens From The 1930's"......I think I know which exhibit I preferred!

A redwork beauty!
I have images of this one that show the detail much closer.
Just love the red on white and the white on red embroidery.

However, I am blogging on and on!........and I have'nt left the U.S.A. yet!
I know, all the Secret Sewing Sisters enjoy reading about quilt history and looking at the quilts made from those times. Sometimes reproducing the ones we love most.
I think I might end here and call this the "first installment" of the Trip Overseas in 2010.
Believe me, there are a few more interesting tales to tell and a"Trip" that even I was'nt expecting!
Stay tuned!